How to Discover Your Message or Find the Right Niche for Your Unique Situation (And Make Sure It's Profitable from the Start)

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Jonathan Milligan

Jonathan Milligan is an author, blogger, speaker and online business coach. He has spent the last decade counseling, guiding, and directing entrepreneurs on how to pursue meaningful work.

Since 2009, Jonathan has been building a portable, lifestyle business through blogging. Today, he teaches others the roadmap to doing the same. His two primary blogs are and

The Discover Your Message Blueprint is a Step-by-Step Mindmap Showing You...


 ✅ The 9 questions you MUST answer before starting a blog or website (this alone will save you TONS of wasted time and energy)!

✅ Find out how to use the Ignite Your Passion Framework to discover the right blog topic for YOU!

✅ How to EASILY earn money with your message using the Messenger's Product Grid (including my 12 favorite online income streams)!

✅ The little-known (and counter-intuitive) approach to research your niche ahead of time to see if it will be PROFITABLE)!

✅ and much much more!