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Learn the Fastest Way to Create a RVP (Rapid Validation Product) to Test the Market and Turn Your Ideas into Income

(Even If You're Just Getting Started or Currently Have No Audience)

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You Want to Live the Life You've Always Dreamed of, But You Feel Lost and Insecure with How to Build an Audience?

LET'S BE HONEST: THERE ARE A LOT OF WAYS TO GROW AN ONLINE BUSINESS BUT... Most Strategies You've Tried Take a Lot of Time and Energy, or Simply Don't Work Anymore. Learn the Shortcut to Your Desired Outcome with Market Your Message Academy and Skip Years of Frustration Without Sacrificing Your Dreams.

Most Gurus KEEP YOU STUCK because they share what's working AFTER you have an audience.

But what about before? What you're doing now may not be meant to work for you at this stage. You may be using outdated or ineffective strategies that are holding you back. By tailoring my system to your specific needs and stage in your journey, you can see real progress and success.

WHEN YOU DON'T SEE RESULTS, it makes it hard to focus (and you're not sure what to focus on)

I know you've put in a lot of work, but if you're not seeing the results you want, it may be time to try a shortcut. By implementing my proven 5-step system, you can bypass the trial and error and start seeing the results you want. Let me show you the way.

TECHNOLOGY FEELS difficult until you shift your belief that it can give you FREEDOM

Technology becomes hard when we don't keep things simple. Once you learn the power of "peaceful systems, peaceful profits" you can use technology to your advantage and not to your demise. Let me show you how simple it can be. Technology should equal freedom not frustration.

I was stuck...

Until I Stumbled Upon the RVP (Rapid Validation Product) Method That Led Me to Full-Time Profits in My Business

When I started... 

my career, I was a high school teacher but soon realized that he wasn't meant to work for someone else. So, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own online business. But, as with any new business venture, I hit a breaking point when I realized I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. I was putting in long hours, working tirelessly to grow my business, but nothing seemed to be working. I was frustrated and felt like giving up.

But then...

I figured out that I just needed to change my approach. Rather than trying to build an email list of thousands of people, I just needed to create an RVP (Rapid Validation Product) and test the market BEFORE I spent time creating something no one wanted.  So, I created two lessons for a 21-week course that addressed my audience's pain points and shipped it out to my small audience. Within 48 hours, I had made 15 sales of a $97 product! Now that I had pre-sold $1455, I knew it was worth it to build out the rest of the course. That was back in 2010.

Fast forward to today...

I've used this SAME strategy in 2023 and taught thousands of others too. Learning the art of "testing the market first" can save you years of wasted time, energy, and effort. In fact, I now teach five different strategies that use the "sell before you create" method. These methods have earned me millions of dollars over the years. 


To Earn Your First (or Next) $1,000 or More Online!

Step 1. Decide

Choose from 4 rapid validation products that are easy to create for most writers, coaches, content creators, and speakers.

Step 2. Design

Create a fast prototype within 3-14 days so you can test your market to see if it resonates with them before spending more time.

Step 3. Deploy

You'll discover the power of a Lazy Launch and how to do 20% of what most people do and still get 80% of the results. 

Step 4. Debrief

You'll discover the magic of the  Business Validation Decision Tree. You'll know exactly what your next move should be.  

Keep Googling & Watching YouTube Videos or...

Skip Years of Frustration and Learn the Fastest Way to Create a RVP (Rapid Validation Product) of Raving Fans That Buy Your Ideas Before You Create Them

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Here's a sneak peek of what's inside...

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The Course in a Weekend Playbook

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The Lazy Workshop Launch Playbook

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The How to Get Coaching Clients Without Selling Playbook

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The Growth Vault has over 57+ on-demand classes that teach how to build your business from scratch. You'll be able to dive into topics like Facebook ads, quizzes, free challenges, email marketing funnels, coaching programs, online course creation and more! 

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Bonus 2. The Answers Vault

Have a specific question and want answers?

The Answers Vault has over 20+ hours of Q&A where Jonathan answers the most asked questions from writers and coaches looking to build their business. In each episode Jonathan also shares what's working RIGHT NOW in his online business (so you can take advantage of the latest trends). 

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Bonus 3. The 90-Day Power System

Want to get more productive? Want to learn the BEST time management secrerts of writers and coaches?

The 90-Day Power System is a 4-hour bootcamp where Jonathan walks through how writers, coaches, and creators can utilize 90-day goals, weekly sprints, and daily focus sessions to improve their productivity. Also includes worksheets, templates, and an action guide! 

Total Value: $497


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